SEA 9741 Starter Kit


Product number: 60000088

Product information "SEA 9741 Starter Kit"

Complete set incl. communication module, cables and antennas, consisting of:
  • 1 * SEA 9741 (60000066) incl. Power Supply cable (61000011) and Ethernet Bridge cable (61000051),
  • 1 * GSM multiband magnet antenna (61000007),
  • 1 * GPS patch antenna (61000002)

The SEA 9741 Starter Kit is a set composed of a communication module and accessory required to getting started. the Starter Kit contains, beside the SEA 9741 module along with the power supply cable und manual, a mandatory GSM magnet antenna and a mandatory GPS magnet antenna. the LabVIEW driver software and examples can be downloaded from the S.E.A. web site without any additional costs. The Starter Kit is price reduced when compared to the single product price. This kit is recommended in cases where the cRIO application is developed and evaluated within the lab environment.

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